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The Tarpon Street “Crawl”

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Thirsty Thursdays: Let’s do the Tarpon┬áStreet Crawl.

You may have heard of Pub Crawls or Bar Crawls…but Tarpon Street is a one stop spot for an evening out on Port A.

Let’s cover our bases first…it might be good idea┬áto have Port Aransas Taxi on speed dial. Their number is 361-749-3333.


Now, check out the map. At the center are the three green stars (green for go). Bernie’s, The Flats and Shorty’s are all within walking (stumbling) distance to get your Happy Hour started.

From there you have your choices for the second stage of the Tarpon Street Crawl: Dinner. The three red stars all offer excellent choices: Trout Street, Virginia’s and Giggity’s.

And, if you time things right, you can carry on into the night with live music at Giggity’s or roll on up through the parking lot to The Back Porch.

Note: If you’re not a smoker, you might want stick with Trout Street and Virginia’s.

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