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Grocery Shopping


Where to grab some grub for your family vacation?

Well, you’ve got a few options that depend on which way you’re coming onto the island and what you need once you’re here.


If you’re coming in from the Austin/San Antonio corridor on South Padre Island Drive (SPID), there are several HEB grocery stores along the way. The closest one is and HEB Plus on Flour Bluff at 1145 Waldron Road, Corpus Christi.

If you’re planning on taking the ferry, via Aransas Pass, there is also and HEB Plus there too at 101 E. Goodnight.


There is also a Walmart on Flour Bluff on Flour Bluff at: 1250 Flour Bluff Drive, Corpus Christi

And if you’re ferry-bound there’s another Walmart in Aransas Pass at: 2501 Wheeler Avenue.


Once you’re on the island, there is an IGA Family Center in Port Aransas at 418 South Alister

Plan you shopping to avoid peak guest arrival times, like Fridays and high demand weekends and special events.



And if you just need to grab a few things, there are CVS stores in both North Padre Island and Port Aransas. They stock all of the basics and beverages, ice and snacks.

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